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Dear English reader

Thanks very much for being here. 

My name is Martha, I am from Rome and I am mother to three adorable childrens.

This web site is about Luxury OOAK & Fashion Jewelry Boutique, so if you are looking for HANDMADE JEWELRY, for something really special and HANDMADE WITH LOVE, you are in the right place.

Unfortunately, due to space limitation, I can not have a bilingual web site.

For this 
reason I kindly invite you to use google translator to translate my post and labels (categorie).

Google Translator is available on the right sidebar just below my HEADER (in the home page).

In this post I would like to explain what I can do for you:

OOAK  Jewelry - OOAK stands for One of a kind.

While is true that each item I make is going to be slighly different, each one is not truly one of a kind.

I can make truly one of a kind jewels that will not be duplicated. To do that, I usually use components that cannot be found again. All  custom pieces that I do, are usually OOAK.

There will never be another!

Every OOAK jewel is going to take longer to make. I need to make templates, drafts and sometime a prototype of the design just to make the first finished item.

I usually do that when I am not sure of the final dimentions. This is the reason why OOAK jewels worth more.

I will send you an Hand written Certificate of Authenticity that states that my handmade item is one of a kind. It means that it is the only one of its kind.

Limited edition Jewelry:

Limited edition jewels means that are unique and rare but that I can make 2 or 3 of a certain design.

It means that there is more than one.

Reproducible Jewelry: 

I personally prefer to have some OOAK items along with other design that I like to reproduce. 

You will find my REPRODUCIBLE Jewels  HERE;

You will find my complete PHOTO GALLERY HERE;

You will find my LIMITED EDITION Jewels HERE;

You will find my ONE OF A KIND Jewels HERE;

You will find my SHOP on line  HERE.

In my SHOP, you will find jewels ready for immediate shipment or made to order (just read on the description or see on the last picture in every single item).

For any further information, send me an email at and I'll be pleased to respond at your requests.

If you want, you can follow me here:

Thanks very much for keeping reading this long post and I hope you will wear one of my jewel very soon.

Thanks very much.

Martha Mollichella

Dear English reader by Martha Mollichella Handmade Jewelry

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